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Miami Truck Accident Lawyer Helping You Seek Compensation

When another driver’s recklessness or negligent actions cause you to suffer a serious accident, getting a fair result can be challenging. If your accident involved a commercial vehicle, it could be a challenge to get compensation. Delivery companies and other businesses have legal teams dedicated to beating these claims. Don’t you think you should have an attorney who can stand up to them?

At Pennekamp Law, P.A., you can find a lawyer with the experience and skill necessary to stand up to the largest law firms. We do not back down from the hard cases, and we are prepared to negotiate for compensation that accurately reflects your current and future costs.

How Our Truck Accident Attorney Stands Up For You

Many obstacles stand between a crash victim and the result they need to cover the expenses and losses of a serious accident. Insurance companies and lawyers will try to reduce the amount you receive or even deny you a result at all.

We know that time is a critical factor for you, which is why we work to provide you with the compensation you deserve swiftly and efficiently. Negotiation is often the best route to resolve things this way, but if negotiations cannot help you, we are more than prepared to take your claim to litigation for you.

Don’t Settle For Less After Your Truck Accident

The outcome of your personal injury claim defines how well you can recuperate losses such as medical expenses, lost income and property damage. Whether you were involved in an accident with a delivery van or other type of commercial vehicle, let us help you identify your needs in your claim and fight to protect them.

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